Something that needs to be said

One more thing for the night. As some of you may or may not know, on opening day, a fan of the San Francisco Giants was savagely beaten to an inch of his life. It’s been seven weeks and he’s still in a coma. Doctors still don’t know if he’ll make a recovery. His assaulter’s are still at large, hiding. Cowards. It’s a shame that an innocent man has to pay the price for the cowardice of two young punks. I sometimes get irate over a game and at the postulating of arrogant teams (Cincinnati Reds) but I still know that it’s a game. Like every other fan I would taunt and jeer opposing teams and their fans but only for fun. I respect MOST teams and their fans and would go out of my way to make them feel comfortable at our park. But to do what these two cowardly punks did is a disgrace. It was a senseless attack just because the man was a San Francisco Giants fan watching the game at Dodger Stadium. I hope these two thugs when caught pay a devastating price for what they did. Baseball is just a game, let it stay that way.


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