When Cabins Fall and Sharks Rise

    Gregory sat in a chair, holding his head in his hands, trying to comprehend the feeling of loss he was going through. He raised his head and stared at the cabin. Memories of her kept playing and replaying in front of him as he tried to combat the onslaught of tears that was now enveloping him. It was hard to believe, and he, at first, refused to believe that she was gone. There would be no more walks in the park, no more ice skating, no more going to the island to go swimming, no more adventures. No more of anything with her anymore. A loud knock at the door awoke him from his depressed daydreaming. He slowly got up and walked across the floor of the cabin to the front door. He turned the door knob and slowly opened the door. Before him was a person he had not expected, but was glad to regardless. Truthfully, he thought he should have expected her. She was always there when he needed her.
     “Hi Josie,” he said as he smiled. “Come on in.”
     She smiled gently as she walked in the door and entered the cabin. Aaron could tell though, that she wasn’t enthusiastic about being in there. He didn’t blame her. Not one bit. He knew it had to be awkward for her. She looked around and gave the place a thorough going-over. Her movements were jerky and self conscious, and unsure.
     “So,” she began, hesitantly. “This is the place you guys hung out?”
     “Yeah,” Gregory replied. “It’s all I have left and I haven’t decided if I wanted to be rid of it or not.”
     “That’s your problem,” she intercepted, a flash of stark light flaring in her eyes, catching him off guard with the sharpness of her words. “You need to let it go, let her go. It’s not your fault she’s gone. And they’re others who care about you more.”
     Gregory smiled weakly. “You’re right, Josie. You’re always right.”
     She smiled back and for the first time he noticed her eyes as she looked at him. They were so deep, slate blue, like the color of the sea, that he almost got lost in them. It was hard not to. They sparkled and danced as he kept staring at them.
     “N-Nothing,” he stammered. He blushed three shades of red as he realized she caught him staring at her. He looked away and then headed outside the door. Josie followed him, clearly intrigued.
     “This cabin was something special, in it’s time. But now it’s time to move on to things that are special to me now. There are people I have overlooked that I shouldn’t have.”
     As he looked over at Josie and smiled,as the cabin fell into nothingness. She smiled back and took his hands into hers as he stared at the spot where the cabin once stood. They then turned around and walked away, and Gregory never once looked back.




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