Pain in the A

So as I begin this humble blog this morning I want to state the cardinals offense has flushed itself since the second inning of game three. After leading two to nothing after homeruns by Allan Craig and Matt Holliday, the Cards screwed up and lost four to two. Happy I’m not. I wouldn’t know where to begin so I won’t except I want to say I hope Ryan Theriot falls off the face of the earth tonight. I hope Jaime Garcia can win one tomorrow. They’re gonna need it.

My next gripe is my work break schedule. It sucks like nothing that hadn’t ever sucked before. It’s a pain in the a-hole. Apparently some doosh went and cried to the labor board that our esteemed owners were taking thirty minutes out of our hours every day and not getting breaks. Well the Leadington store was audited and now we have a break schedule. Lally-freaking-da.  I hope they rot in their own manure. Seriously.

As you can probably see, I’ve made some changes. I have an archives section for both my stories and blogs, a photo page, and hopefully soon a video page. Not having any luck with that. Half of my videos are missing and I can’t find a decent place to keep them stored online. Unfortunately it looks like I’m going to have to buy  me a reasonable place to store them. I’ve spent quite a few hours working on it and now I’m tired of dealing with it tonight.

And lastly, the stories. Well When Cabins Fall and Sharks Fly is a short story I wrote several years ago as a way to deal with the after effect of a break-up and subsequent rebound. The girl that is never mentioned and who won’t be mentioned here, kind of screwed me over. Josie was the one who was there when I needed someone. That didn’t last long and I regret that things didn’t end well with her either. She was a good friend and I miss her, a lot. The Timewalker is something I would like to work on eventually. I don’t have a plot to it but it has a good premise. Tell me what you think of these stories, that is if anyone is actually reading this which I doubt.

So as I say goodnight, remember, It’ll all come out in the wash, if you use enough detergent.

Thanks for reading?


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