The Timewalker

     The water was rising fast throughout the aisle as Jack Eason walked  slowly gathering pictures and recording everything he possibly could  into his recorder. The sound of rushing water was parlayed into an eerie  silence as he moved about looking one way and then turning his head  trying to comprehend what these people were going through at this moment. He looked down at the water, realizing for the first time how cold it  really was as it reached his knees. He touched a few buttons on his  chronometer and then checked it‘s readings.

     “Twenty-eight degrees,” he said into his recorder. “Exactly what  was reported this night.”

     He continued walking until he felt the ship lurch forward. He  stumbled a bit and grimaced as he felt his ankle turn. He bent down  and rubbed his sore ankle, resting a bit as he thought out what he  would do next. He knew it was almost time to leave because the ship  would be sinking soon. He still wanted to get to the top deck and  gauge the reaction of the people waiting to get into the lifeboats.  He also wanted to see what really happened to the captain.

     Out of the corner of his left eye, he saw a young couple running  down the adjoining aisle. He silently followed, hoping they would lead  him to the top deck. Within a few minutes he reached the promenade on A Deck. He stopped and gazed at the magnificent grand staircase with  a mesmerized look on his face. He took out his small pocket camera and  took several pictures of it with a sly grin. He knew no other photo of  it existed of the staircase and this one would be priceless to  collectors. He gave a small chuckle and then sighed deeply. He would  never consider selling it because he knew where it belonged and he  would make sure it would stay there.

     Jack stood for a few more seconds to marvel at it and then walked  out into the cold April night, passing by Thomas Andrews, one of the  ship‘s builders, staring at a clock, waiting for the inevitable. Jack  felt pity for the man. To build such a grand ship and then see it sink, to him it would drive anyone to the brink. He shook his head and then walked out into the night.

     It was colder than he imagined it was. He shivered silently as he  trudged up toward the bridge. He could feel the despair, sadness, and  panic that hung in the air all around him as he looked into the faces of those he knew were doomed. They would be dead in an hour or two.  This was part of the job that he hated. To not be able to help really  hit him hard, but there was nothing he could do. The rules of time  travel forbid the interference of any timewalker. With sadness in his  eyes he moved on looking for the bridge and Captain Smith.

     He again felt the ship lurch and right away knew what was  happening. The bow of the ship had already gone under pulling the ship  up into the night sky. It would soon break and go all the way under.  He hurried and finally caught a glimpse of the bridge. He pulled out  his camera but a great rush of furious water smashed into the bridge  knocking the windows out in a tremendous explosion. Jack fell back  from the force of the blast and hit his head on the door of the bridge  as he fell to the deck. He momentarily lost conciousness but the cold,  salty seawater quickly revived him. He shook his head and lightly  tapped it to bring his focus back in.

     “Wow, what a doozy,” he muttered as he picked himself up. He used  the door bridge to steady himself as he reached into the inside flap  of his jacket pocket and pulled out a small, metallic device. “Time to  go.”

     He flipped it open and pushed a button. He stared out at the rest  of the ship as it began tilting downward toward the ocean. His body  tingled as it faded out in a flashing white light. A pair of small  blue eyes caught his as he disappeared and was thrown into the time stream.


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