Return To Mount Mackupu

     This is a short story I wrote a few years ago when I watched Avatar The Last Airbender. Note, this was before The Legend of Korra came out so there are few things that aren’t the same and I’m not changing it.

     Had it really been fifteen years? Katara thought to herself as her and Aang gazed at the now peaceful Mount Mackapu. It didn’t feel like it had been since the war was now long gone. Her and Aang had been married for six years now. Six, long, wonderful years in which they now had three children; the twins Yue and Kuzon, who were three and the baby, Haku who was only a few months old. She stared at the dormant volcano and remembered like it was yesterday. The realization that Aang could be the powerful bender that Aunt Wuu spoke of. That thought had weighed on her mind for weeks on end. She had always liked Aang, but she never really thought about him like that until that day.

     “I sometimes forget what a powerful bender that kid is.”

     That comment from Sokka had literally changed her life.  She loved Aang more than anything and this is where it had all started. She closed her eyes and smiled. Maybe we should go to the cave again.  She said to herself. Maybe when we go to Omashu. She then opened her  eyes and saw Aang looking at her. She melted on the spot. Every time  he looked at her would always send shivers down her spine. His grey  eyes twinkled as she tried to read what he was thinking.

     “What?” She asked, her cheeks blushing.

     “You tell me,” he replied curiously.

     “Oh, it’s nothing, Aang,” she said as she pull him closer. “This is a special place for me, that’s all.”

     Aang smiled back at her and kissed her gently. They then both  turned back toward Mount Mackapu. She sighed quietly and laid her  head on his shoulder as they watched the sun set over the mountain.  For her, life could not be any better.



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