Toph’s Lament

     From a distance, Toph listened as Aang and Katara splashed around the lake. It was at times like this she wished she could see like  everybody else. She wanted to splash around in the water and maybe,  just maybe she could splash Sokka with water. From her lonely spot on  a rock near camp and overlooking the beach, she thought of the one  person who made her feel special. The sound of his voice or the touch  of his hand could make her heart flutter. The only thing that held  her back was Suki. It was no secret that Sokka and Suki had feelings  for each other. It had nearly broke her heart when he pratically  ignored her during they’re trip through the Serpent’s Pass.  

     “Toph, what’s wrong?” Toph jumped a bit. She swore to herself because she hadn’t  realized Katara had left the lake and was standing right beside her.

     “Nothing, Sugar Queen,” Toph replied with an annoyed tone. “Just  sitting here. All alone. On this rock. What could possibly be wrong  with me?”

     “Toph, I know something is wrong,” Katara said, unbothered by  the dark tone of Toph’s voice.

     Toph sighed knowing it was pointless to argue with Katara when  all the signs pointed to her being in a bad mood. Her eyes glistened  with tears as she turned her head to Katara. She was not used to  confiding her feelings to anyone.

     “It’s Sokka,” she replied hastily. “Ever since Suki was with us  during our trip through the Serpent’s Pass, he’s ignored me and acts  like I don’t exist.”

     Katara put her hand over her mouth and giggled a bit which  seemed to annoy Toph even more as she gave Katara a dirty look.  Katara noticed the scowl on Toph’s face and suppressed the urge to  giggle again.

     “I’m sorry, Toph,” she said. “Wait right here.”

     Katara walked towards the campsite, where Sokka was studying the  maps he took from the spirit library. She giggled again at the  thought of Toph’s crush on Sokka, though she didn’t find it unexpected.  Sokka seemed to have a charming effect on girls. Yue, Suki, Ty Lee,  and now Toph. She shook her head and sighed and wanted to playfully retch at the thought of her brother being a ladies man. She finally reached  the rock that Sokka, bent over and studying the maps, sat at. Katara  grabbed his hand and dragged him kicking and screaming toward Toph.

     “Katara!” He yelled. “What are you doing?”

     “Toph’s bored and you need a break,” Katara replied as she  deposited him next to Toph and then headed back to the lake where Aang  was laughing at Momo trying to catch a fish.  

     “Umm, Katara said you were bored,” Sokka said to Toph, trying  to make conversation and which made Toph blush a bit. “So is there  anything you want to do?”

     Toph grinned. “Will you teach me how to swim?”

     “Sure,” Sokka said as he got up and took Toph’s hand and led her  toward the lake. As they waded into the water, Toph clutched Sokka’s  hand tighter.

     “Now what you want to do first is…..” Sokka never finished as his head was dunked in the water by Toph, who was grinning from ear to ear.

     Katara and Aang also joined in the  laughing as Sokka shook the water off his head.

     “What was that for?” Sokka asked.

     “Oh nothing,” Toph replied with a sinister grin. “Hey Katara,  could you send over a wave?”


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