World Series Bound (Finally)

Well well well lookie who’s in the World Series. The cardiac cards. Who in their right mind thought thought this was going to happen two months ago? Seriously.  Texas is up next and are already the favorites, which suits the cardinals just fine. I had to laugh at the message boards. The Ranger fans were already out talking smack. Nothing bad, yet. I’m sure they do not know what the hell is about to hit them. The cardinals are a dangerous team. They knocked off two of the best teams in the National League. they hit three homeruns in tonight’s game including a three run jack by David Freese who was named the MVP of the National League Championship Series. The local boy made good. The cardinals traded Jim Edmonds to get him back in December of 2007. I think it’s working out for them. If he stays healthy there’s no telling what he might do for them in the future. The bullpen was again lights out. They have been just fantastic. I hope it holds up. Hopefully Chris Carpenter, Game 1’s starter can give the pen a rest. More importantly, the Brewers go home or stay if you will. There’s nothing more priceless than clinching on an opponent’s home turf. They did it to both Philly and Milwaukee. Texas better be prepared. It’s a long and wild ride still.

Family drama sucks like doosh on a willow. That’s all I’m going to say. End of that!!

I still cant find a place I can store my videos online outside of youtube. Don’t really want to go there. If anyone knows of a place that is relatively cheap (free) let me know. I actually did find my missing videos. I keep backups to my backups. Trust me, it’s saved me arse more than once. Also I’m thinking about adding a joke page. They’re not the most flattering and I’ll probably put up a disclaimer to warn anyone reading them.

Four more days till the kids get here. I can’t wait, I need to recharge my soul. I miss them so much.

Soon I’m going to be adding a page for my novel I’m working on, maybe both of them. I’ve gotten some good reviews on the rough draft so I’m keeping my fingers crossed on that.

Bryan Stow has finally left the hospital!! Good for him. Bryan is the man that was savagely beaten by two dodgers fans on opening day. Bryan, a Giants fan, has a long difficult road ahead of him but I wish him the best!!

Check out the Gunnerkrigg Court link. Great online comic by Tom Siddell. I’ve been reading it for two years now and I thoroughly enjoy it.


Well goodnight ya’ll see ya tomorrow.


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