The Vision

   This a tale of Aang right after he found out he was the Avatar.

	Aang lay in his bed looking out at the stars that riddles the 
night sky. Today he felt was his worst day ever, though it should've 
been his best. He had been told he was the Avatar earlier in the day. 
He didn't know quite how to take it. His friends were now treating 
him differently and all of the monks (except for Gyatso) were 
treating him differently as well. Maybe it was finding out that he 
was the Avatar four years before he was supposed to. Aang didn't 
know, but he was tired of feeling this way.                                                                                                                                                                                           	He didn't want to be the Avatar.
	Aang soon fell asleep and dreamed. He dreamed of Appa, his 
beloved Air Bison, Monk Gyatso, his mentor and best friend, and of 
a girl. It was not a girl he had never seen before. She looked like 
she was from one of the water tribes. He had been to both the Northern 
and Southern Watertribes and could never seeing such a girl. She was 
the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She had a tanned, exotic 
look about her and her blue eyes twinkled with so much love and 
affection. She seemed to be looking at him as if calling him to her. 
Aang, in his sleep, began to smile.
	Then, things began to swirl and change. The scenes of battle, 
struggle, pain, and sorrow filled his head. The chaotic scenes filled 
his sleeping eyes with tears, but still he slept. He could see the 
Firelord, but it was not the Firelord he knew. He knew Firelord Sozen 
was old and frail while this one was young and vigorous. Aang then 
saw by his side the girl he had seen earlier and a young man who also 
looked watertribe. There was also a young girl who looked to be from 
the Earth Kingdom and another young man with a scar around his left 
eye. He then heard that boy yell "Father we're here to fight you!" 
A great battle was then fought. It all felt weird as he began to toss 
and turn in his bed. Then a flash of blinding light hit and he heard 
the watertribe girl speak his name.
	"Aang, are you alright?"
	He then shot up out of his bed and saw Monk Gyatso staring at 
him with a concerned look. "Aang, are you alright?" Gyatso asked him 
	"Yeah," Aang replied, as he rubbed his eyes. "I just had a 
weird dream."
	Monk Gyatso smiled at his young pupil. "Dreams are wondrous 
and exciting," he said.
	Aang just kept staring at the floor of his room. He tried to 
remember what he dreamed about, but couldn't. He knew there was a 
young girl involved but what she looked like wouldn't come back to 
him. Gyatso could tell that was still upset. He put his hand on 
Aang's shoulder.
       "Come Aang, lets go eat some breakfast," he said. "I have a 
meeting with the other elders later on, but after that we'll go for a 
ride on Appa."
	Aang looked up and smiled. "OK," he said. He got dressed 
quickly and walked out of his room. Maybe today would be better, he 
thought as he strolled down the corridors. How could it get any worse.

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