Ha! Take That!!

So the Cardinals were supposed to have been swept by the Rangers. Really? Are we going to say the Cardinals are done? Well that shows what the know-it-alls think they know. The Cards won game 1 of the World Series 3-2. Outstanding contributions made by Lance Berkman, Allen Craig, Chris Carpenter, and the outstanding Cardinals bullpen. (Who’d have thought, right?) So the ranger fans are crying on the message boards. One went as far as saying the Cards don’t deserve to be there and said that wild card teams should not be allowed. O_O Hello!! Do we have to start the boo-hooing? I mean, the Cards are a good team. They got hot at the right time and it’s carrying over. I know the Ranger fans have had absolutely nothing to cheer about since they’ve been in the league but come on.  Oh well on to game two. Jaime Garcia vs Colby Lewis. Can they do it again? We shall see.

Someone actually visited my blog!!!! Elizabeth, if you somehow visit again (hopefully so) I hope you read this and know I absolutely appreciate you taking the time to do so. I once made a joke about Allie leaving a comment and sending a kuruko dark tee shirt. Well, I’m thinking about doing something like that eventually.

New story posted. It’s called The Dream. It’s another Avatar The Last Airbender fan fiction. It’s about Katara having dreams of Aang fighting the Firelord the night before her and Sokka go fishing. It’s a pretty good story. Read it and tell me what you think.

Just a couple more days till the kids get here. I can’t wait. Didn’t talk to them tonight but I hope I can tonight. I miss them so much. Once I get the phone problem taken cared of it’ll be different.


Well that’s it for tonight I guess. Three hundred plus words are good enough I think. Remember to root for those cardinals.

I’m your huckleberry–  Doc Holliday to Johnny Ringo in Tombstone


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