David Freese and Game 6

The way that I was feeling earlier could not be expressed in any words that could be spoken. After twice being down to their last strike, the Cardiac Cards won in eleven innings 10-9. David Freese hit a 2 run  triple in the 9th to tie it and in the tenth after Jason Motte gave up a 2 run home run to Josh Hamilton, the Cards tied it again on Lance Berkman’s rbi single. (Ryan Theriot had a rbi groundout previously after Albert was walked) Then on a full count to lead off the bottom of the eleventh, Freese connected on a home run into centerfield. The place went chaotic nuts. Now there’s a game seven with the probability of Chris Carpenter starting on three days rest. Me and my brother were jumping up and down like little kids. It was just incredible tonight. There is no quit in that team. They want it so bad as if to usher in something good for the next decade or so. There’s just so much to this team. You just never want this season to end. I’ve seen them play in six World Series, in 82, 85, 87, 04, 06, and 11. Something else too, they’ve done this while weathering the loss of Adam Wainwright. Think about that!!

Freese on his thoughts about the home run: “Reminds me of Jim Edmonds home run in 04 vs the Astros in the NLCS.”

Yes me too. You dont forget about home runs like that. Willie McGee in 82 with his 2 home runs in game three, Ozzie Smith’s home run in 85 vs the Dodgers in game five, Jack Clark’s home run in game six in 85 vs the Dodgers, Brian Jordan’s home run in game three vs the padres in 96, Jim Edmonds in 04, Albert’s home run in 05 vs the Astros, Alberts three homers in game three and now this.  I got goosebumps.

Anyway gotta go.  Here are some Pics from game six.

David Freese

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