Tony LaRussa Retires

So I’m shocked. I thought he’d come back for one more season. So now the wait is on for the thirty-fifth manager in St. Louis Cardinals History. (Since 1900) Some names that have cropped up is Bobby Valentine (Hell no), Jim Riggleman (FUCK NO), Terry Francona (no), Joe Maddon (Maybe), and Jose Oquendo (Yes Please). I think if they name Oquendo then Pujols definitely stays. (He’s staying anyhow) I’m a LaRussa fan and have been since he managed the A’s. I’m going to miss him as the manager. He’s restored Cardinals honor and they would not have won the World Series with anyone else. It was said that when he told the players, there was many grown men crying. It was all a shock to them. He went out though, on top. No other manager could ever say that.

Good Luck Tony. We’re going to miss you.

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