Mike Matheny

So the Cardinals named their new manager on Monday. Former Cardinal catcher and gold glove winner Mike Matheny, who has absolutely no managing experience. This came as a shock to me but then I realized that this is a good idea. I feel bad for Jose Oquendo who I was sure was going to get the job. In no way did I want Terry Francona and I am so glad that he didn’t get it. (From what Bernie says, Francona wasn’t even a serious contender and stood no chance.)I feel bad for Oquendo because he really deserves it and will one day soon get his chance. Dave Duncan, Dave McKay, Oqeundo, and a few other coaches are expected to be back. (Hopefully McGwire) I’m going on faith here. I sure hope this works out. Hopefully Pujols signs his contract soon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


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