Reasons To Write

In the month and a half since I last wrote I’ve been stressed. Why? I don’t know.  There are theories of course, loneliness, advanced money debt, among some of them. (Probably all of them, little by little) One of them might be tied for the need to write more often. Why? Well, writing lets out the emotions that fester inside. Whether they be happy, sad, angry , or just downright weird. Some people write  but they won’t write what they feel just in case someone reads it, well this is not one of those cases. Because right now, in the famous words of Rhett Butler, (WTF I’m quoting Gone With The Wind)Frankly, I don’t give a damn…or in today,s terms, I really don’t freakin’ care. (Trying hard not to curse but I don’t know If I can stop it.)

Me and unknown have worked really well together for the last several months and I felt I could be open and honest with them but something happened where I think they might have told someone at work something I said and now it makes me feel like what else have you said. That bonded trust is gone. You know how you feel when just know something is not right and you confront someone and they claim it wasn’t them. And you want to believe them but there’s this awful feeling that you know they’re lying? That’s how I feel. I really want to believe but I can’t shake that thought. My first inclination is generally right. What people don’t realize is that I can feel a change in energy when things are different and boy are things different at work.  It sucks big time because I want to believe, yet I don’t think I can and that’s what’s bothering me. It’s different, they’re being different, and it hurts like hell because they were the one person I felt I could believe in as a friend. The only person like that has been Jim and it sucks not having his counsel when I need it. 

I really need to get out of that store but it’ll hurt when I leave. I don’t know why.

Why do they feel just because they run the store now they try to change what I do just because they don’t like it and that’s not how they did it at Waffle House. Hey chuckle heads this is Huddle House. They want us to use the waffle off on the grill!! I’ve been cleaning grills for years and I use hot water which is allowed. I know what the flock(see I cursed)I’m doing. Then people who are half my age think they know better. What’s next, I can’t do my eggs the way I want? It’s coming. That store is going to go down hill fast. They’re going to lose so many points when the inspection comes.

If it’s any consolation, my adrenaline kicked in tonight. I will and always fight for what I believe in. If they think I’m really going to stop……it’s not like they read this so let’s play a game of cat and mouse. Waffle spray here I come.


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