I’ve had pets before, from dogs to rabbits, cats, and turtles, but none of them have meant more to me than Jake. I bought Jake back in January of 2005. (Cost 250 dollars) I bought him because my other dog Charlie disappeared. (I think the biological butt head got rid of him) and the kids needed a pet for when they came and visited me. I  could never cut his tail or trim his ears like others have done to mini-pins. Jake’s tail, which has a kink in it (the whole litter did), is his personality. Through everything that dog has been my best friend and helped me out when I needed it. So in a way, he’s my kid as well.

The roughest patch I went through was when I couldn’t have him. From April of 2009 to January  2011 I didn’t see him and it effected me badly. I wasn’t even sure if I would ever  get to see him again. Of course I knew where he was. The person I had bought him from was taking care of him for me and when the chance came to have him back I didn’t hesitate.

There are times when he drives me completely up the wall. I’ll take him outside to do his duty and he’ll sniff, mark, and run all over the place. When he’s done, we go inside and within ten to fifteen minutes he’s made a “mess” somewhere. He used to take off out the door and run all over the freaking place. He’s been nearly hit I don’t know how many times. And it was always a game with him. He’d let you catch up and then take off again. He was lightning in a bottle. Over time he’s mellowed out  although sometimes he’ll take off when he gets a hair up his butt. I never can stay mad at him for too long, though.

Truth is, without him I don’t know where I’d be. Like I said, he’s been the buffer for me not having my kids; and speaking of the kids, they make sure to ask how he is whenever I talk to them. When they come over I’m not sure who’s more excited, me or him. His relationship with my mom is incredible. I sometimes think I’m last on his list of friends.  =/

As the years go by and he gets older (he’s 7 now),  I know the time’ll soon come when he passes on. I’ll miss him terribly and even though I’ll probably get another dog, there’ll never be another Jake. He is and always will be a one of a kind.


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