Just A Few Things

Last World War 1 Vet Passing

As some of you may or may not know,  I’m a big World War 1 enthusiast. Several of my relatives fought over there and one, my Uncle Cliff, died there. For the last few years I’ve kept watch on the list of survivors and it’s with great sorrow that I now mention the very last veteran, Florence Green, died Saturday at the age of 110. An era of our past is now closed with her passing and it’s a saddening and unrevokable thought that before too long, our World War 2 Vets will be as well. I don’t do the World War 2 vet graves like I do the WW1 vets but that’s because more people know about WW2 than WW1. But that does not mean I don’t care about them, I just know they’re better known. That’s not a rip on them, it’s just sad that WW1 Vets never have got the attention they so rightfully deserve.


So the last few days I’ve been dealing with Elisabeth’s cat Ginger having kittens. She had five beautiful little babies. Unfortunately she was supposed  to have six but the little bugger didn’t make it, actually it was, well, I do not want to go into detail. Let’s just say Ginger suffered all day with trying to push it out. And out it finally came. Ginger is doing fine and is resting comfortably with her babies, under my bed.


Adorable little buggers, aren’t they. Hopefully we can find good homes for them soon.


Finally, I want to put out there that The Haunted Truth of Bertha Gifford and SEMPI are both online. SEMPI is being updated everyday. The Bertha Gifford site is being updated every few days. It’s primarily done, just looking for other news and updates. I may be getting to use Ancestry.com for that soon. Please come visit these websites and sign the guestbooks.

And thank you for reading this. I’ve had over four hundres “hits” so far. I’m slowly but surely getting there.


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