On my twenty-seventh birthday (October 6th, 1998) my ex-wife, Tammy,  gave me a wonderful birthday present. She told me that we were having a son. To this day it is still my favorite birthday present ever. Four and a half months later, Alan was born. We had decided on the name beforehand. Me being a comic book fan loved the idea of naming him after the Golden Age Green Lantern, Alan Scott. She agreed to it and gave him the middle name of James after my dad who had passed away the previous December. She then said we could call him AJ. And that’s what everyone mostly calls him. That and Alan. I call him Al. I’m the only one that he allows to call him, though at first he was against it. He still is the biggest daddy’s boy around and there’s no way I could ever disclaim him. He looks almost exactly like me and if anything, I’m proud of that. He has his moments when he’s exasperating as hell but every little boy is like that. (I was like that!)

I hope he realizes what this means for him, to now be a teenager. He’s not a little boy anymore, he’s a young man, though he still has a lot of growing up and understanding yet to do. I hope he begins to look at the world differently but at the same time enjoy his youth. I have no idea what he wants to be or do with his life but I hope in time he finds that.

So I take this opportunity now to wish him the happiest birthday ever. I love you, buddy. I’m proud of you and proud to be your dad.

Happy 13th birthday!!


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