Weird Bertha Dream

So most of you know I do research on Bertha Gifford and that I correspond with her great-granddaughter. Every so often I get sidetracked from it, (though it’s still in the back of my head) and Bertha usually finds a way to “pull me back in.” Well she did it again. I had a dream where I came into contact with this ghost. She was about eleven or twelve and when I asked her who she was she said, “It’s (me) Bertha, silly.” She said she liked to mess with people and she showed me knocking stuff out of people’s hands, tugging on their coats, and other stuff like that. She was really mischievous. All I can remember about her is she had black hair and really big, bright eyes. Another weird thing is that her “home” was a barn and the “person” who introduced me to her was an older lady. I have no idea who this person was and  wasn’t for sure who the girl was at first.  I know spirits can manifest themselves at a different age than when they died so my first thought wasn’t Bertha, though I now believe it was. She’s always done things to keep me going on my research whenever I stray at times. It was just really weird. I’ve noticed spirits talk to me in my dreams. This isn’t the first time and I’m sure I’ve had countless other dreams that I can’t remember.

I told this story to Kay who thought it was great (and probably funny as well) for Bertha to be mischievous and for showing me what she usually does to others. I don’t understand her being so young unless it was to show her mischievous side.  So now I’m back on her story which is what she wants. She is really something else.


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