Ozark Madonna

(This is first in a series of articles on Hauntings in Missouri. All come from my website)

Laurie May Maumsey haunts the counties of Ozark and Taney alongside the Arkansaw border, allegedly in the Ozark Mountains. She is seen as a barefoot woman holding a baby on the ridge tops. She lived in the hills in a log cabin during the 1930’s. Her drunken husband threatened to beat (or kill as some stories go) their baby unless she gave him money. In the struggle that followed, her child fell from her arms and onto the store floor. The baby died from head trauma. Laurie May ran from the cabin and committed suicide shortly after. (Though some accounts have her husband killing her.) To this day, if you venture into the Ozark Hills, you may hear the sound of her crying or glimpse her walking through the woods carrying her dead baby.

Laurie May’s feet have been seen completely bare. Her maiden name was Laurie May Comshaw and she married John Maumsey when she was thirteen. John was much older and very abusive. She became pregnant several times but always miscarried because of the beatings she endured from her husband. She became pregnant again right before John went to jail for an unknown reason. (Abuse?) She then was able to have her baby whom she named Luke. When John was released from jail, he and Laurie May argued over money and a struggle ensued with Luke being dropped and dying instantly. John ran off scared but Laurie May buried Luke out back of the shack she lived in. The next day she committed suicide by hanging herself. John came home a few days later and found her. he disappeared and was never heard from again. People started seeing her ghost six months after she died.


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