Catching Up

It’s been a little bit since I last wrote. I was offline for a bit and I needed a break. I’ve been working on something for my blog’s one year anniversary which is coming up in May. One thing I plan to do is repost my first post. I think that would be pretty neat. Today though I plan on catching up with a few things on my mind and I may elaborate on them as my blog moves toward it’s second year in existence.

I’ve noticed things I like to do come and go in cycles. For awhile I’ll write and then I’ll work on my ghost hobby and sometimes I work on my Bertha Gifford research with the ghost stuff or on it’s own. My other hobby(which is unnamed but it legal I swear), which I’ve spent a lot of time on recently and has run its course.  I plan on finishing that up in the next couple of days. I know I’ve posted some ghost articles and a story and that’ll continue until I get the story done. It’s written, I just have to iron out a few things. The ghost srticles will continue for awhile.

Summer is coming up and I can’t wait. It’s been hot here already and the air conditioner has been on and it’s only late March. Can you believe that? I think a brutal summer is headed our way with a lot of extreme heat. I hope not but it is what it is.

Some things you all need to check out First, Gunnerkrigg Court, one of the best online web comics out there. I’ve been reading it for almost three years now and I’ve actually gotten my two girls hooked on it. Second is my Bertha Gifford site. It’s really neat and informative and I plan on updating soon. Bertha tends to  let me know when I stray from it. Ha! And lastly, if you’re into ghosts, then visit SEMPI.  I’ve almost finished updating the site. It’s taken me several months to do so. I’ve been adding some non Missouri haunted locations to it as well.

had the kids this past weekend and we had a grand time together. Sat and watched a couple of movies from my youth with them. The first was Revenge of the Nerds. Elisabeth learned what break dancing was. She didn’t like the movie at first but liked it near the end. Alan liked it as well but Carly hated it. The second was The Breakfast Club. Alan hated it but the girls loved it. I knew they would, especially Elisabeth. I hope to show more 80’s movies like St. Elmos Fire and Sixteen Candles.

Well that’s it for now. I’ll leave you with a pic of the kids. I have more pics to upload which I’ll do soon.


One thought on “Catching Up”

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