Truxton House

This is one of the most haunted houses in Missouri. It is abandoned and very dangerous to enter and it can be seen off of Highway 70. No history is known, but witnesses report hearing a chilling scream of a woman echoing throughout the empty rooms. Footsteps have been heard on the stairs and banging has been heard in the basement. But the spookiest is the dark shadowy outline of a man wearing a hat that has been photographed in the top left window. There is always an overpowering sense that someone is watching you from that top window and it’s a horrible feeling. This house has some evil spirits dwelling in it. Warning!!! This house is on private
property and the owners who live down the road do not like visitors. No Trespassing!!! New information claims that the a couple did live there in the mid 1900’s. The man died in 1940 and the woman died in 1963, committing suicide by slitting her wrists. A man in 1975 went to the house in hopes of buying it. He noticed that it had looked abandoned for a long time. He went around back and looked in the window and saw a woman with grey hair rocking back and forth in a rocking chair. He was surprised because no one was supposed to be living there and there was no other relatives. Could it have been the woman who slit her wrists? It’s possible that the man seen in the upper window could be the man who died in 1940.


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