Another Weird Dream

So you remember the dream I had about Bertha? Well I had another extremely weird one the other night. I think spirits are talking to me in my sleep. This one was about something that had happened  to someone and I was seeing it through his eyes but yet I could see normally like it wasn’t affecting me. There was a small area in an open field that was contaminated by something that was called “toxic fire.” It would burn to the touch and I myself was burned and then I could see what my face looked like except the eyes were a bloody mess and my face was a burning white mass. After my face was washed my face was scarred and and my eyes looked useless but I could see out of them somewhat. For the last few days I’ve tried to sort it out and I’ve come up with a theory. I do believe a World War 1 spirit came to me and showed me how he was injured. The “toxic fire” I think  was from a gas attack. It’s the only thing I can think of. I’ve been researching chemical warfare and trying something to match “toxic fire” but I’ve no luck so far. I’m really curious about this one and I’ve kept trying to find this spirit. Updates when I get them myself. 


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