As you all may or may not know, in one week it will be the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking. Even after all these years it’s still the site of some of the most incredible stories of tragedy and heroism ever encountered. Nearly 1,500 people died on the tragic night. Who’s fault it was? No one and no one shall ever know and it’s probably a good thing that we don’t. From the lack of binoculars for the look-out to not enough lifeboats provided for and to the apparent excessive speed the ship was going. There are others, I’m sure but there are many to count.

Many famous and wealthy people set sail on this supposed unsinkable ship on April 10th, 1912 (and no there was not a Jack  Dawson, Rose DeWitt-Butaker, or even a Cal Hockley) that included John Jacob Astor IV and his pregnant wife Madeline, Benjamin Guggenheim, Thomas Andrews, Isidor & Ida Strauss, Margaret “Molly” Brown,  and Archibald Gracie. One history doesn’t recall are families like the Goodwin’s and the Allison’s who were all but wiped out. It’s a sad reality on that but life as we all know isn’t fair.

After the sinking, some bodies were recovered but many were never found and it wasn’t until 1986 that the wreckage was found in several pieces and was so damaged for being down in the water for so long that any attempt would be futile. Still, today, though, many objects from the wreck have been brought up to the surface and displayed in museums around the world. Whether that’s wrong or right, that’s up to you.


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