Hollywood Sign Ghosts

There have been many sightings of weird looking figures and lights by the sign late at night. One of the ghosts is supposed to be Peg Entwistle, who committed suicide in 1932 by climbing the “H” and jumping. Reports of appearances to hikers of an apparition thought to resemble her, accompanied by the scent of her perfume, have endured ever since.



2 thoughts on “Hollywood Sign Ghosts”

  1. I wonder if the spirit of James Dean haunts the site? He crashed his sports car in the Hollywood Hills. Have you noticed how this Hollywood landmark is beginning to show its age…and the last photo I saw showed one of the letters missing. Hopefully someone will maintain this piece of history and restore the sign to its former glory!

    1. I’ve never heard of James Dean haunting the sign though it could be possible. I know his spirit his spirit is thought to haunt the area of his accident. I didn’t know the sign was that in disrepair. Hopefully it is restored soon.

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