Lydia’s Bridge

Just outside of Greensboro, at the U.S. Highway 70 underpass there has said to have been the ghost of a beautiful young girl who has been appearing here since 1923. She stands next to the US Highway 70 Underpass in a white evening gown and waves frantically for someone to stop and pick her up. Those hapless travelers who do are introduced to a young woman who says her name is Lydia and she always ask them to please take her to an address in High Point. She always tells them that she has spent the evening at a dance in Raleigh and is anxious to get home, having run into car trouble on the way. Just as the drivers approach the house, the girl always vanishes from their car, never opening the door and getting out. There are many versions to the story but the most common one that I have heard is that Lydia was at a dance one night and was trying to get home. She was apparently hit by a car and now she hitches rides home from the bridge. When the person gets her to her house, she disappears. She never says anything other than her name is Lydia, she needs to get home, and her address. Either way, she died in 1923. The road that linked High Point and Greensboro was a different road than is there now. There are train tracks that are the reason for the bridge. The bridge now is called the graffiti bridge, for obvious reasons. To the left of this bridge, about 40 ft away and hidden in massive amounts of kudzu, is where the original bridge is, and it’s Lydia’s bridge. There is another bridge about 2 miles away from these that is also believed to be Lydia’s bridge. This one is an actual bridge that you drive over and it’s over a creek. Some kids have spray painted pentagrams on it which is kind of freaky but at the same time, there is a sort of eerie presence here. One report of a group of friends in the 80’s that would venture there had two girls in this group and every time they would get close to the bridge, the girls would pass out. Some say that Lydia is merely an urban legend. Of note, there is a Guilford County/High Point Death Certificate for: Lydia Jane M. Born 1904 in High Point, Died December 31, 1923 from fatal injuries from motoring accident. Yet more evidence to support that Lydia actually existed, and died as reported.



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