Just a Bunch of Sense and Nonsense

How about the Cardinals? 5-1 after six games! David Freese and Carlos Beltran both have hit three homeruns already. The starters are pitching good and the reds fans on the message boards are at it again. HA!  I know it’s early but the Cards are doing great. Could be a really special season this year.

The anniversary of the Titanic sinking is almost upon us. Is it morbid to think or say that? No, it’s just I’m ready for a special memorial service. All those who survived or lost their life deserve it.

A special shout-out to my friend Kay. I know you’re aggravated & depressed from the turnabout on the cabin. So I’m sending out a lot of comfort and uplifting  positive energy to you this morning. Hoping you ahve a good day because of it. =)

If I don’t stop eating I’ll end up like Fat Bastard from Austin Powers. =P

So my soon to be fifteen year-old daughter asked me if she could get a tattoo…… Hell no!! At least her mom told her she had to ask me first.

Ghost website is doing good. I officially have 915 haunted Missouri locations. Shooting for 1000.

Kuruko & Orcha part Four will be up soon. Also I have a blog post about The Black Dahlia coming up so keep stopping by! 

That’s it for now.


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