Stupid Sinus Infection (Amongst Other Things)

One of the great many things in life I hate is the stupid sinus infections I get . Usually I’m done with them by now but after a mild winter I get hammered with probably the worst one I have ever gotten. It was so bad that I lost my voice for a good three days and it’s now just getting back to normal. I can’t shake the cough though. It’s so bad that every time I do cough or sneeze, the muscles in my stomach and chest hurt.  Night is the hardest part because my sinus passages clog up and I can’t hardly breathe and that makes sleep less likely. It’s bad enough I have to wake up early as it is, not sleeping well just compounds it. I’m just so done with it. 

Other things:

To Junior Seau’s friends and family, my best and prayers. It’s so sad seeing seeing someone I watched play football die at such a young age. Depression is a disease that needs to be addressed.

Cardinals are kicking but again!

Saw the Avengers Movie. Fantastic! Review coming soon.

I promise the last part of Kuruko and Orcha will be posted soon!

For now that is all.

Have a good one!


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