Fatherly Worries

Can someone tell me what kind of a world we live in now? Thursday of last week I got one of the most disturbing phone calls ever and is considered to be on e of the worst fears of any father. Apparently some kid decided to put some string around my oldest daughter’s neck and tried to choke her. Luckily her boyfriend pulled him off of her. She was quite unhinged about it for a few days and even complained of nightmares. At first my daughter told me the kid was expelled which he hasn’t been. (I just found that out tonight) Now Elisabeth doesn’t want the kid to be in any trouble. (He was just playing, she said) The kid has mental issues apparently as well, which means nothing to me. No one  is going to try and harm my daughter like that. It’s ridiculous. The kid should be expelled and charges pressed. I’m sorry, that’s the way I feel. The kid is lucky I don’t choke him. 

But the real getter is the fact that my youngest daughter Carly was held down by two boys at school today. Okay I know they were playing, Carly even said they were. But it shouldn’t be happening. It’s what causes it later on. I want no harm to come to my daughters and it kills me I’m not in a position to make sure of that.

Things I didn’t have to worry about five years ago are starting to give me ulcers.


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