Time Off With Several Others

Lately I’ve been in a kind of writing slump. Though I had ideas to write, I just couldn’t get them out there to write. Well, I’m over that. Tomorrow I’ll have a new blog post. I have several good ideas after that one. I can’t explain why I’m like this about my writing because I absolutely love to write. 

Part of the reason is though, my three pain in the  wonderful kids are spending some of their summer vacation with me and they like to hog  use the computer. Seriously though, I love having them here.

In another episode of “Damn, I’m Getting Old,” my oldest niece, Sami, just graduated high school. I’m really proud of her but it only seems like yesterday when she was just a little baby. Next up is my nephew Patrick, who’ll graduate in two years and then Elisabeth who just survived the horrors of freshmen year.

Finally, my blog is now over a year old. I have no idea why it’s lasted this long but I’m glad it has. I’ve had over 500 hits which means someone’s been reading this drivel. So here’s to the next!


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