Cardinals Redux

Words cannot describe how I felt last Friday night when the  St. Louis Cardinals came back after being down 6-0 to win it 9-7. I knew they had a chance to come and that they were a team that would not give up. But it’s games like that that make me proud, so proud to be a Cardinals fan.  Daniel Descalso, Yadier Molina, Pete Kozma, David Freese, Trevor Rosenthal (he of the 100 mph fastball), Joe Kelly, Mitchell Boggs, and Jason Motte. Even three days later I can’t fully express the gravity of it all. To top it off they did it on the road! I had never heard a stadium become so quiet since the legendary Albert Pujols homerun in 2005 vs the Astros. You could hear crickets, that’s how quiet it got.

The win sent them to the next round vs the San Fransisco Giants and the series is already notted up at one game apiece. (Nice freaking slide, Holliday!)  So we’ll see what happens Wednesday night! cards, 12 in 12!


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