Washington, Mo Part 2

     When you’re living in a specific moment in your life, you sometimes don’t realize how special the memories will be remembered later in life. No one does. But it’s important to take everything in, good or bad. Because when you look back upon it say twenty years later, you realize the good and the bad memories help define the person you become. Those are things you don’t realize when you’re twenty-one but always look back on when you’re forty-one and wishing for just one more moment under the sun.

     I started working at the McDonalds in Washington, Mo sometime in mid-April of 1993. It was the first fast food job I had had since working at Hardees in Bonne Terre nearly four years ago.  I had been unemployed since the beginning of March when I had lost my job at Haines Finishing. I was nervous at first because my time at Hardees showed I really sucked at fast food, but it was different this time. I learned it really good and I met a lot of people who, though I no longer talk to, remain close to me. First was my cousin Greg. He was more of a brother to me than a cousin and because of him I was accepted. No one messed with me. He always stuck by me regardless of anything, even during my darkest hour. I also met Tina. Tina started in May of that year and was roughly nine months older than me. I could write an entire blog of nothing but her. She was the first one of the three woman I truly ever loved. What happened between me and her is something I can never, ever escape from. It is the source of my greatest burden. There were others of course and I’ll try to name as many of them as I can. Robert Harles, Cindy Harles, Amber and Noel, Shawn (Can’t remember his last name) Brian Bullock, Valerie, Marius and his brother whom I can’t remember. They were both Romanian.  Tim Pehle, Kathy Huffendick (who I’ll talk about in great length later), Cherity Veith (who died in a car wreck) Diane (a manager), Shana, Jill, a girl who’s last name was Wagner and that’s all I can remember right now unfortunately. 

     During this time I moved from the Pheonix Place to the Dutch Motel. I got me a little one room apartment with a bathroom that cost me two hundred dollars a month. This was in June of 93. No restrictions on what I did or where I went. And starting in July I discovered comic books. You want to talk about an addiction, by the time my dad stole them from me and sold them off, I had nearly ten thousand of them.

     During all of this I forgot to mention someone who was a big part in shaping me. Her name was Marie Wilson. I started doing yard work for her in March and as time progressed me and her became great friends. In time I would go to her house just to talk and we would play pool. I got pretty good at it but lost the touch since then. She was a bright beacon in my life. She was in her late fifties or early sixties, I don’t remember, but she was beautiful for her age. I lost touch with her in 95 I think. I have no idea if she’s even still alive. But I have very fond memories of her and I miss her friendship so much.

     In September of 1993, another woman came into my life that would change my life completely.



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