Washington, Mo Part 3

This is an ongoing series detailing my life while I was living in Washington, Mo from 1993 to 1996.

Sometime in September of 93 a young woman named Kathy Huffendick (what a last name, huh) began working at McDonalds. I remember vaguely remember when she started. We became friends while working together but that’s all it was until the night I lost my keys. I had planned to sleep out in front of my door till morning but Kathy said if I needed a place to sleep I could stay over at her house. (She lived with her mom and young son at the time.) Well you know how those things turn out, one thing led to another and whamo……

Yes, she was my first.

It was a tumultuous relationship. Considering that I still was seeing Tina at the time, well, it didn’t go over well with the either of them. Eventually, Kathy quit McDonalds some time in November. She had found out she was pregnant and she had hoped it was mine but it wasn’t. That was it for her. She figured it was best to leave because I was still hung up on Tina at the time. (Mistake on my part)

Of course, things didn’t end well with Tina. Sometime in December, I did the dumbest, most stupidest thing in the entire confines of history. I won’t go into detail but it was a life changing event for me. My second biggest regret of my life. (Though at the time it was the first.) Though me and Tina made up and actually became somewhat serious, things ended for us in March of 94. I have not spoken to her since June of 94, though we have run into each other several times. 

March of 94 was also the end of my McDonalds job. I was unceremoniously fired. Eventually, I moved back into the Pheonix Place for several weeks. I was able to get a new job at Sonic, which would ultimately shape the rest of my life and in turn find the one person that changed me forever.


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