Newtown, Connecticut Tragedy

I’m not a very political person and I don’t really care and if some don’t like that then so what. I rarely ever get into those kinds of conversations. After hearing about what happened today, I wrestled with what I wanted to write. Being a father of teenagers I did what any parent would do, I worried. I don’t have custody and I don’t live nearby so I didn’t get to hug them like I would have wanted to. Still I do feel strongly about it. Below is what I posted on my facebook earlier.

My thoughts on the subject of guns. As much as I know what happened today is a tragedy beyond comprehension, taking away everyone’s guns is not the answer and it never will be. Yes, new laws regarding who can buy them will probably happen. But taking them away like some have suggested, no, it won’t and shouldn’t happen. If people actually think that’ll stop the problem then they’re insane because we’ll just end up with a similar situation as prohibition. Some of are most violent history was over the illegal trafficking of alcohol. Really, what do you think will happen if it’s over guns? I feel so bad over what happened today in Connecticut. I was emotional all day thinking about my own kids. We, as a world, need to reflect on what is going on around us. God bless all the poor souls who died today.


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