Increased Knowledge

One of the great things about doing research is that sometimes you find stuff that you posted before and the fact that its starting to be placed higher and higher on search engines. Once a week I usually do some research on Ms. Bertha Gifford. I’m trying to maybe find something new or maybe find an old picture posted. I usually don’t, like tonight. But what I did find was the fact that blog posts and pages about Bertha seemed to be slowly creeping up on page one searches. With the increased knowledge about Bertha, more and more people seem to be searching about her. (Largely due to the fact that her great-granddaughter wrote an exceptional book about her.)

While she may be described as more infamous than famous because of her notoriety, many people are interested in her story. It might even spark an objectivity that was missing at her trial and it’s outcome. Maybe a new light can be shed on the case.


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