A Video Worth Crying Over

One  of my many hobbies is collecting and to an extent making, videos. I get most of them off you tube. Whether their music videos, funny videos, movie trailers, whatever, if I like them I’m more than likely going to download them. I was browsing through some Alan Jackson videos when I came upon a video to his song “Remember When.” Someone (a very clever person) had made a a video using scenes from the movie “UP” showing the characters Carl and Ellie  from  when they were married  till Ellie dies, using that song. It was the most incredibly beautiful video I had ever scene. Not even half way through it I lost it. I had to to completely stop what I was doing and just sit there. For nearly fifteen minutes I couldn’t do anything and what snapped me out of it was my daughter Carly messaging me on facebook. I told her to watch it which she did and then shared on her facebook wall. Later a few members of my family had posted their thanks to Carly for making them get out the tissues. 

Now I have to watch the movie “UP.” There’s no getting around that and I wouldn’t try even if I had a choice. Click video to watch it and see what I’m talking about.


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