1980-2013 All-Time New York Mets Team

Line Up

1B Keith Hernandez                             1985

2B Edgardo Alfonzo                            1999

SS Jose Reyes                                        2008

3B Howard Johnson                           1989

LF Carlos Beltran                                 2006

CF Lance Johnson                               1996

RF Darryl Strawberry                        1987

C   Mike Piazza                                      1999


C  Gary Carter                                       1985

IF Gregg Jefferies                                1990

IF Robin Ventura                                1999

IF David Wright                                   2007

OF Bernard Gilkey                              1996

OF Bobby Bonnilla                             1993

Pitching Staff

SP Dwight Gooden                               1985

SP R. A. Dickey                                     2012

SP David Cone                                       1988

SP Frank Viola                                      1990

SP Johan Santana                                2008

RP Jesse Orosco                                   1983

RP Randy Myers                                  1988

RP John Franco                                   1997

RP Armando Benitez                         2000

RP Braden Looper                              2004

RP Billy Wagner                                  2006

MGR Davey Johnson                         1986 


The Mets have a few good years with some great players. What hurt them was the god-awful teams of the early 80’s and early 90’s. They had a few decent middle infielder but not many stood out, which is why Jefferies is there as a bench player. His 1990 season was one of the best for the Mets. The pitching staff was the same, they had good pitchers but not too many stood out. Bobby Bonnilla, whose name means virtually nothing to most Mets fans even made this team. And on a complete and different note, I hated the Mets in the early 80’s. We called them “pond scum” in St. Louis from 1985-1988. And who could forget Beltran’s called third strike with the bases loaded in 2006. Cruel? Yes. Can I help it? No. Next team up is the Milwaukee Brewers.

Previous Teams

Los Angeles Dodgers

Arizona Diamondbacks

Cincinnati Reds

Chicago Cubs

Atlanta Braves


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