St. Louis Cardinals Game 3 – My Take

Due to a 16 inning game last night and a somewhat busy day today, this is the first chance I had to write about last night’s marathon. A game that ended being a heartbreaking loss. First off, the starters have to go further in the game. A much slimmer Lance Lynn couldn’t get out of the fifth inning. Gerado Parra was a Cardinal killer. He hit .500 for the series and hit Lynn’s first pitch of the game for a home run.  In Jim Bouton’s book “Ball Four,” (a great read by the way) a coach of the Seattle Pilots mentions that the key to winning games is “throwing strikes.” We all know it’s obvious, but it’s the truth. Way too many first pitch balls and high counts. I think Derek Lilliquist is a really good pitching coach and I know Dave Duncan has had the same problem with younger pitchers, but gee whiz, Lynn was all over the place. Joe Kelly didn’t do too good either as the first pitch he threw went over the wall. It almost seemed the D-Backs were gearing for the high octane. Both Rosenthal and Boggs blew a save and the Cards bats basically disappeared in extra innings. I put no blame in Salas. This isn’t the time of the year he should be throwing two to three innings. It was obvious he was out of gas. Had they made it to another inning, they would have faced Heath Bell and they smacked him around the other night. The offense is there but the strikeouts need to be cut down John Mabry has his work cut out for him. 

After an off day today (Thursday) they take part in San Fran’s home opener. Ought to be interesting. Should serve as motivation as the Cards get to witness the Giants raise the World Series banner. Jake Westbrook will match up against Barry Zito. 


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