Catching Up

As you all can tell, I’ve been blogging more, even though the topics have been about baseball. I do have more random posts that will probably bore the hell out of you. I do have some unfinished projects on here that I’ll eventually get to. Plus I have a special rant that I’ve been working on. Details later though.

I’ve been working on my “novel” slowly but surely. It’s really starting to come together, even though I keep making changes as I go. The last major one, at least for a bit, happens tonight. It’s kind of a “moving on” sort of change that parallels my life in a way. I may even post another sample from it.

With Spring finally being here, I’ve been trying to get back into shape. Part of it involves playing some  basketball. When I was younger, I did play a lot of basketball and had a pretty good shot. I’ve been trying to get that back. It is,though slowly but surely. Some days I can hit every shot I take, some days I can’t hit anything. Another thing, I have a real bad case of spring fever.When I go into say, Wal-Mart, I have to fight the urge to look at grills or other camping equipment. 

Finally, I want to thank everyone who has liked, followed, and ready my blogged journal here. Writing is very therapeutic for me and for someone to read and like what I’m posting is a great feeling. So thank you again. 


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