St. Louis Cardinals Game 4 – My Take

If the Cardinals could have mustered any kind of offense, they would have won this easily. The thing about the Giants is that they don’t score many runs. They try to beat you with the fewest runs and good pitching. They have a few decent hitters, most notably Buster Posey, but not much else. I don’t think the Giants can subsist on that alone,

Some team really, really soon, though,  is going to pay for this run outage the Cards have been going through lately. It might be the Reds come Monday, hopefully sooner. That is an assumption, not a prediction. I just know it’s going to happen. I think maybe having David Freese coming back then will help. As for the pitching, I thought Westbrook pitched very well. I can’t fault him for some of the walks, the strike zone was kind of small and it doesn’t help that Westbrook’s pitches had a lot of movement on it. The real killer was the error by Molina. Those things happen, he is human, though we sometimes take that for granted with him. 

So all in all, while the pitching improved, the hitting stunk. It’s early, only four games in, so hopefully the consistency will come soon, because when they hit on all four cylinders they will be dangerous. Game two of the series ought to be interesting. It’s a nationally televised game. Adam Wainwright vs Matt Cain. Might see another pitching duel, hopefully not.  


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