1980-2013 All-Time San Francisco Giants Team

Line Up

1B Will Clark                                            1989

2B Jeff Kent                                             2000

SS Rich Aurilla                                        2001

3B Matt Williams                                    1993

LF Kevin Mitchell                                  1989

CF Barry Bonds                                       1993

RF Jack Clark                                           1982

C  Buster Posey                                        2012


C  Bengie Molina                                     2008

IF Robby Thompson                             1993

IF Darrell Evans                                     1983

IF Ray Durham                                       2006

OF Ellis Burks                                          1999

OF Brett Butler                                       1990

Pitching Staff

SP Rick Reuschel                                    1988

SP Billy Swift                                            1993

SP Tim Lincecum                                   2008

SP Jason Schmidt                                   2003

SP Shawn Estes                                       1997

RP Greg Minton                                      1982

RP Jeff Brantley                                     1990

RP Rod Beck                                            1993

RP Craig Lefferts                                    1989

RP Brian Wilson                                     2010

RP Robb Nen                                           2000

MGR Bruce Bochy                                  2012

For the offensive players, there were very few that stood out and those that did were by the same player (Barry Bonds). Their infielders have been mostly marginal with few exceptions. That explains why ray Durham made the team. As for the pitching staff, I ended leaving off two twenty-game winners (John Burkett 93 & Mike Krukow 86) mainly because some of their other stats werent as good as Schmidt’s or Estes’. 

The next team up is the Philadelphia Phillies

Milwaukee Brewers

New York Mets

Los Angeles Dodgers

Arizona Diamondbacks

Cincinnati Reds

Chicago Cubs

Atlanta Braves


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