Excerpt From Story – Chapter 5 (Part 1)

I’m having some issues/doubts about this chapter. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated. 


     Klaw Zarden stood on the bridge deck overlooking the lowly tech personnel that were running the Centrattian warship. He had been pacing continuously back and forth across the deck in a weak attempt to not look bored. Everything seemed to bore him nowadays. He had only went on this little jaunt to quell some Krenoxian rebels just so he would have something to do. He was getting rather impatient of Zapato’s strategy. The only worthwhile thing he had done accomplished lately was the kidnapping of the Tranaxian girl. Though to be honest, that wasn’t Zapato’s idea. That was another reason why he didn’t want to hang around Zapato’s palatial compound. Shongol rather unnerved him, not that he’d ever admit to though. Shongol was here as an agent for someone else, but which was someone Klaw didn’t know. Again, that was something he cared little about.

     As the warship shook from the stressful throes of a small asteroid field, Klaw made his way to a window so he could watch the careening asteroids. Though an uncomfortable ride, there was no real concern over the asteroids. The warships powerful shields were disintegrating them as they collided. With a heavy sigh, he returned to pacing again, seemingly about out of patience. He glanced down at the metallic claw-like hand that was attached to his arm. He was supposed to have had an upgrade, something more powerful. Zapato had told him it would take some time to find the right metal for the hand, but Klaw was getting a little anxious. He had been doing Zapato’s dirty work for some time now and had nothing to show for it. He did not like being taken advantage of. He pounded his heavy fist onto a console, somewhat denting it.
     “Temper, temper, Klaw. You could break a hand from doing that, oh wait, you don’t have one,” said a sneering voice from behind. “I wonder what the Emperor would think if he thought you were losing it.”
     “I really don’t care, Markus,” Klaw snapped back without turning his head. “As usual your threats don’t scare me.”
     General Stieg Markus smiled arrogantly. “Are we missing the Tranaxian girl?” He asked with vindictiveness. “I hope you’re not left-handed.”
     Klaw narrowed his eyes as he turned to face Emperor Zapato’s highest ranking military officer. He did not care for the General. He saw him as a weak-minded, simple fool, and full of cowardice. He also knew that if General Markus stood toe to toe with someone like Ramon Romero, Markus would have either have been severely beaten or would have cried for his mother and ran. The General had obviously rode the shirttails of his father, who was a military genius. Klaw thought more than once that Markus was adopted or found under a rock.
     As his eyes seethed with red, he replied with an angry tone, “You’re a moron, Markus“.
General Markus rolled his eyes and laughed heartily as he walked away. Klaw just sneered as he turned and stared back out into space. General Markus’ voice then boomed over the com, making the announcement to jump to lightspeed. Stars and planets flew by them at outstanding speeds as they raced the solar winds to return home. Klaw left the command deck and made his way down to the docking bay and prepared his private jump ship. He wanted no part of Markus’ report of obliterating a bunch of ill-prepared rebels or Zapato’s righteous arrogance for that matter. If either of them had any inclination of what they were actually doing, they’d be dangerous. As it was, they were both buffoons.
As they emerged out of light speed near Centratta, Klaw ordered the docking bays opened and proceeded to exit the warship. He easily piloted the shuttle down into Centratta’s cold atmosphere. He gave a shudder at the sudden temperature drop. Klaw did not like the coldness of the planet, but had gotten used to it the past couple of star years. Its not that it was a frigid planet, but Klaw was used to a more warmer climate on Osage. Earth was even warm compared to this.
     As he docked the shuttle near his rather small cottage, he saw a lone figure cloaked in black standing near the landing zone. Klaw cringed at the sight of him. Whenever Shongol wanted you, it usually wasn’t good thing. Klaw sighed as he landed and lowered the ramp.
     “I knew you would come here, my friend,” Shongol said to Klaw as he exited the shuttle. “Too much of General Markus would get on to anyone’s nerves.”
     When Klaw just stared at him, Shongol roared with laughter. He waved his hand as if Klaw didn’t understand and resumed talking with a subject change.
     “You wonder why I have called upon you?” He asked with a capricious grin.
     “The thought had crossed my mind,” Klaw replied back cautiously.
     “My master knows of you and wishes you to embark on a mission for him,” Shongol said.
     “Your what?”
     “My master,” Shongol replied, a big smile still on his face, but with a more serious tone. “And you would do well not to repeat any of this.”
     The look in Shongol’s eyes meant it. The cold stare that emanated from them froze even Klaw’s heart.
     “You have my word and attention,” Klaw told Shongol, trying not to look unnerved.
     A small sinister smile slowly ran across Shongol’s face as he first rubbed his chin with his thumb and forefinger before placing his right hand on Klaw’s shoulder. His dark, piercing eyes met Klaw’s as he began.
     “I was sent here by my master, Ganelon, to keep an eye on things. He’s been the power behind Zapato for some time now and it was because of Ganelon that Zapato overtook Krenox and is the reason he still holds it.”
     “Where does Ganelon come from?” Klaw asked.
     “He is from a race called the Ecoute HuDar, or as they are known to some, the demon masters,” Shongol replied. “They have been enemies with the Dark Elders for as long as one can remember and it is because of the Dark Elders that Ganelon wants Starfleet to fall, but there is a problem that Ganelon wants you to solve.”
     “And that is?”
     “Ganelon is also the reason that Rian Lirian was killed,” Shongol continued. “He believed Rian Lirian was the one prophesied to slay him. That has recently changed. Ever since Zapato informed Ganelon of Aran Lirian, my master has been, shall we say, upset. He wants Aran Lirian dead. He does not trust Zapato with this. He believes Aran Lirian will also be looking for the sword known as Aushen”
     Shongol went rigid for a second and then relaxed. He breathed in the Centrattian air as if trying to gauge it. His eyes bulged and his hands jerked in the strain before settling down.
     “The son of Rian Lirian draws nearer to his destiny,” Shongol said as he opened his eyes. “It is in the air even here. This must not happen. He must be destroyed. He will eventually go to Krenox. That is where the remaining Dark Elders reside. I will deal with Zapato on your future whereabouts”
     “Aran Thazgo has a destiny?” Klaw asked with a smirk of laughter.
     Shongol smiled. “This is no laughing matter, Klaw Zarden.” He handed Klaw a disk. “The information you need is on this disk.”
     Klaw nodded uneasily in understanding. Shongol again placed his right hand on Klaw’s shoulder and looked him deep in the eyes. Klaw tried to back away but Shongol’s icy stare stopped him in his tracks. Sweat began to slowly run down Klaw’s face as Shongol continued to stare.
     “Succeed in this mission and Ganelon will reward you,” Shongol finally said as he released his hand from Klaw’s shoulder and turned around and began to walk slowly away. “Until we meet again Klaw Zarden.”
     “Wait!” Klaw asked, forcing Shongol to turn back around. “Are you a demon master as well?”
Shongol grinned and turned around and disappeared into the night fog that had begun to swirl, leaving Klaw to wonder what was really going on.


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