St. Louis Cardinals Game 7 – My Take

Opening Day in St. Louis. There’s nothing quite like it in baseball. The Hall of Famer’s riding in wearing their red blazers waving to the crowd, the clydesdales parading around the stadium, and the motorcades bringing the players in, then shaking the Hall of Famer’s hands. The only thing missing was the presence of Stan Musial, who passed away in January. With a stirring tribute to the late, great Musial, the Cardinals ownership pulled out all of the stops. The final touch was Jim Edmonds and Jason Isinghausen throwing out the first pitches. As I said, there’s nothing like opening Day in St. Louis.

The game itself started out good. Jaime Garcia was dealing, striking out ten in six and two thirds of an inning. The Cards were able to score two in the first when  Shin-Soo Choo dropped a flyball from Molina. Choo would drop another later for a 4-2 Cads lead in the seventh. But the Reds battled back and they ended up scoring nine in the top of the ninth when the Cards couldn’t do anything right. Boggs and Zep both had major meltdowns that time will eventually erase.

All in all, I don’t have much to write about this game. I know you can’t win if you can’t hit. Four hits do not make a win and they wasted a very good start by Garcia. Again it’s inconsistency for the hitters. Feast or famine will not win against the Reds. And the bullpen really needs to get it together. Every year they struggle early on until mid season. They need to do something and put it all together.

Tomorrow’s game  pits Lance Lynn vs Bronson Arroyo.


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