St. Louis Cardinals Game 9 – My Take

I really hate television programming sometimes. Apparently Fox Sports Mid West thought it would be better to show hockey game instead of cardinals game tonight. They claimed Cards game was on another channel but I couldn’t find it. So I unfortunately had to look to yahoo sports to see what was going on. The only problem with them is that it’s way behind actual game. Thankfully, some people I know on twitter let me know the good moments. (Thanks Kelsey!) 

So here’s what I know. They beat the Reds 5-1 thanks to great starting pitching by Lance Lynn, who struck out ten in six innings. Plus a bullpen that had a meltdown the previous day, shut the Reds down, allowing one hit in three innings. In fact the Reds only had fiv hits the whole game. Good pitching will always stop good hitting.

Despite being shutdown the first five innings, the bats came alive in the sixth. After “Dirty” Dan Descalso doubled to start the inning, Matt Adams crushed a homerun that gave the Cards the lead. They ended up with two more runs and almost had another but Matt Holliday was thrown out at home. They were due for a big homer. They went one hundred and eighty-six at bats before that blast.

The good news is they put yesterday’s loss behind them and showed some fortitude by not backing down and giving up. Lance Lynn kept them in the game, though he needs to lower his pitch count to go deeper in the games. The hitting and runs coring will come and they showed the Reds that the division is not going to be that easy.

Tomorrow’s game has  Homer Bailey vs Jake Westbrook. Hopefully FSMW lets me watch it!


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