Excerpt From Story – Chapter 5 (Part 2)

   Part two of my fifth chapter. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

     Emperor Zanto Zapato paced back and forth in front of his throne. He was not a happy man. One of his best agents had been sent off to who knows where and he was not given a satisfactory reason why. He blamed the damned Calanian for that. His tolerance of Shongol and Ganelon for that matter, was beginning to wane. He knew why Princess Ashlynn was to be kidnapped. Ganelon had always had a sick fascination of kidnapping the daughters, wives, or some sort of family member of enemy leaders and siring sons and daughters to use against them. That was why the sister of Rian Lirian was kidnapped. He smirked at that thought. If he remembered correctly, she escaped with her daughter and they were never found. It was presumed that they were dead.
     Rian Lirian. That name hadn’t come up in a while. Lately it was his son that did. He again smirked. Ganelon had always thought it was Rian Lirian that was to destroy him. Ganelon was overjoyed he and his men killed the Tranaxian. No one knew that he and Danyelle of Krenox had had a son. That lowlife Kamal Thazgo had somehow gotten the little brat off the planet before they had taken over. Apparently the girl had been killed in the attempt. Ganelon was not happy she had been killed. He wanted her for obvious reasons. They did get the old man, though; Count Hurchanek. Zapato still couldn’t believe the old geezer was still alive. Twenty-two years in captivity. He never thought Krenoxians were so tough.
     The opening of his chamber stilled his thoughts as he looked to see who the intruder was. It was a Krenoxian slave girl. He smiled at the sight of her. They were also an efficient breed. As he stared mesmerized at her, the chamber door opened yet again. This time it was someone Zapato did not care for.
     “Zapato,” Shongol called out with a sense of sarcasm. “I was told you wanted to see me.”
“Shongol,” Zapato acknowledged. “I want to know what is going on. First we kidnap the Tranaxian girl as requested and now you’ve sent one of my best agents to Krenox.” He narrowed his eyes and gazed hard at the Calanian. “What is Ganelon’s plan?”
     Shongol smiled at him as he walked to a bar filled with all kinds of interplanetary liquor and poured himself a drink. As he did so, he also caught site of the Krenoxian slave girl. His eyebrows raised in obvious attraction. He took a drink and looked back at Zapato.
     “Why are you concerned?” He asked. “You are paid well to do our bidding and nothing else. I don’t understand your problem with everything.”
     He turned his head back toward the Krenoxian slave and began admiring her figure. A small wry grin formed on his cruel mouth. He had always admired the females of Krenox. Their lithe figures and large chests had always aroused him so. She glanced at him, finally noticing him staring at her. She smiled weakly and hurried to get done with her cleaning.
     I want to know why you sent one of my best agents off to Krenox?”
     Shongol turned once again to face Zapato. He did not understand why Ganelon tolerated this fool of a Emperor. Still, he relished the misery he wrought on him. Zapato was an easy target.
     “Well, my dear Emperor,” Shongol began as he walked over to the slave girl. He thrust his hands into her silky black hair and began caressing it. “I have orders from my master and as our contract states, I am allowed any resources I deem necessary, whether you approve of it or not.”
     He then turned from the slave girl, who was now standing docilely as he continued to run his hands through her hair. His eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared up in discontent as he stared hard at Zapato.
      “You would do well not to upset me or Ganelon,” Shongol said as his free hand clenched. “You would not like it if he would have to come here.”
     Zapato’s own eyes narrowed. He did not like to be bullied and he wasn’t going to let Ganelon’s stooge attempt it.
     “For one, I do not fear your master,” he said boldly. “Second, I solely stated I wanted to know what use you are making of Klaw.”
     Shongol just grunted. “In due time, my dear Emperor Zapato,” he said. “In due time.”
     “And the Tranaxian girl?”
     “I am taking her to Ganelon as instructed,” Shongol replied wearily. “If this all you wanted, then I shall take my leave of you.
     With that, Shongol grabbed the Krenoxian slave girl and shunted her toward the door. As he closed it behind him, Shongol shot him one last impatient look and then was gone.
His face reddening with anger, Zapato grabbed a glass of lava juice from a nearby table and threw it at the large door. As it made contact, the glass shattered, sending shards of glass and lava juice everywhere. For a long time he stood there, rooted to the spot and breathing heavily. He was angry, angry at Shongol for treating him like garbage, and at himself for making that horribly stupid deal with Ganelon. It hadn’t brought him anything but pain and aggravation ever since Shongol showed up two years ago. That was when he found out about Aran Lirian. He grimaced. Everything began and ended with him. He had to do something about him eventually but first he had to find out what Shongol was up to. He reached down to his wrist com and pushed a tiny little button. Within seconds, the image of General Markus appeared. Though he knew the General to be inept, he figured this would keep Markus out of his hair and he would be able to find out what was going on. If there was one quality that Markus had, it was tracking people.
     “General Markus, I have need of you,” he said.
     Markus’ head bowed. “Yes, my liege,” he replied as his image faded out.
     Within a few minutes, General Markus had entered the chamber and kneeled before Zapato. The Emperor had finally sat on his throne and had his chin propped up under his hand, which was twirling his graying goatee. He stood up and motioned for Markus to stand as well. Zapato then began to pace back and forth again, every few seconds glancing at Markus.
     He looked hard into his eyes and noticed that where there should have been a deep determination, there was only sheer stupidity etched on his face. He was down to low tolerance with any of Markus’ stupidity. They had been friends since he could remember and it was because of that friendship that Markus attained the rank he now held. It was clear very early on that Markus lacked his father’s brilliance. He knew that if Markus failed this mission, it would be over for him. Shongol, if not Ganelon, would demand his head.
     “I do not trust Shongol,” Zapato began. “ I need you to follow Klaw. He is on his way to Krenox.”
     Markus’ lips turned up into a nasty grin as he nodded his head.
     “Do not let him know you are there,” Zapato went on. “I want to know everything that is going on with him. Do you understand?”
     “Yes, Sire” Markus replied as he bowed his head.
     “Do not fail me again, Markus,” Zapato said as he dismissed the General with a wave of his hand. “Send in Mosak on your way out.”
     Markus bowed and turned. The same nasty grin was still etched on his face. He knew that with any luck, he could end that miserable wretch’s life. He would show his Emperor that Klaw was nothing. As he passed through the doors, he stopped and turned to Mosac and sneered at him. This was another one of Zapato’s agents he did not like.
     Mosak took the sneer as is and entered the doors and shut them behind him. He laughed quietly to himself at the sneer that idiot Markus gave him. As he walked closer to the Emperor, he noticed that Zapato seemed to perk up. His eyes seemed to radiant with a maniacal malice that only few possessed.
     “Aahh, Jion Mosak, is our plan ready to formulate?” Zapato asked.
     “Yes,” came Mosak’s reply. “Admiral Ramon Romero will soon be dead.”


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