Janelle Arthur American Idol

She comes from Oliver Springs, Tennessee, a small town in the eastern part of the state. She auditioned in Charlotte, North Carolina, on her third try. Although falling short in those years, she finally made it to the top ten this year. Her sweet, down home personality and country charm won me over.  I knew this girl was the second coming of Miranda Lambert; that a gifted crooner with voice that resembled the outpouring of honey. She had spunk and sass and it came out when she sang “Gone”  by Montgomery Gentry. You could just feel the electricity within her. I sighed with relief when she made the top nine. (Goodbye Curtis Finch!) The next week was Beatle Week and she sang “I Will.” The sass of a week before was replaced by a softer side that resonated with all her fans. She easily made it through to the top eight. (Bye Bye Paul Jolley.) With the next week being the Music of Motor City, she did “You Keep Me hanging On.” Beautifully done, it enabled her to make it to the next round. (Sayonara  Devin Velez!) She was flying high coming into the next week which was Rock week and there was to be no ballads. She performed “You May BE Right” by Billy Joel. Though I found it to be very, very good, the judges were harsh. (Specifically Nikki Minaj) We were scared when she was bottom two with Burnell. But she made it through, much to my and her fans relief. (Sorry Burnell) We “Belles” and “Beaus” of Janelle were determined that not happen again. 

I found out they were doing Burt Bacharach and Songs they wish they’d written. She stated in an interview that the Bacharach song she was doing “Never Fall In Love Again” and the other song was going to be “The Dance” written by Tony Arata and sung by Garth Brooks. Garth is my all-time favorite singer. He is the reason I began listening to country. I was over joyed and I told her that on twitter. Never did I imagine a reply back but I got this several minutes later.

Yes I am a very happy person. 

She was great on the first song (Never Fall In Love Again) but when she did “The Dance” it was incredible! (I downloaded the song from itunes and it’s fantastic.)  Again, the judges (except for Keith Urban) really mangled her. Nikki even went so far as to compare her to Kree. (Unfair) We fans of Janelle were understandably worried she would get the boot. As they paired them up in two’s, she was with Angie. Kree was with Candice and Amber was with Lazaro.  When they said one pair was in the bottom two, I felt hopefull. There was no way Angie would be bottom two and I was right. It came down to Amber and Lazaro. I imagine Randy and Nikki were outraged that Amber was there. They don’t understand that Amber’s fan base isn’t as strong.  Eventually it was Lazaro that went home. Everyone knew as he sang for the save it wasn’t going to be used. Had it been Amber, it would’ve been.

As we anxiously await next, week, we worry and wonder if she can be a top four. We know she can and that’s what we’ere striving for.. Go Janelle! 


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