Sword of Aranus Chapter 3 Part 1

Chapter 2 was  already posted. Go here to read it. Go here to see all the chapters. As always any feedback would be great.

     Lieutenant-Commander Danyelle Hawkins stared out the port window of the small shuttle that was bringing her to Moon Base in from Space-Dock. Normally, she would be happy at the prospect of a new assignment, but this time was a bit different. Other than the time she was Princess Ashlynn Ascalon’s personal bodyguard during the Princess’s last visit to Moon Base, she was quite happy with her current assignment, which was security chief aboard the Stardobe. She was widely considered to be on the fast track for a captaincy the last few years and she was hoping this might be what the summons was about.
     As the shuttle touched down on the landing pad, the pad swiveled, revealing large metal plates that slowly slid open. The pad then slowly was brought down until it had cleared the metal plates. It then was moved forward through a tunnel until it entered docking facility two.
     As the shuttle came to a stop, Danyelle felt the tap of fingers on her shoulder. Turning, she saw the face of a female shuttle assistant smiling at her.
     “You’re cleared to exit the shuttle,” the shuttle assistant said.
     Danyelle smiled back and thanked her. She stood up and picked up a small bag that contained what small amount of personal belongings she usually kept with her wherever she went. She gradually made her way to the exit ramp and slowly walked down it. As soon as she made full contact with the surface of the dock facility, a small group of tech personnel swarmed the shuttle to prepare it for it’s next flight. As she headed toward the transport that would take her to Starfleet Sentral, she passed by several other officers, some of who she knew real well and some she didn’t. She realized this could have been her job had things been different and was thankful it wasn’t.
     The transport system on Moon Base was basically a monorail which whizzed through all aspects of Moon Base. Danyelle hated the surface ride. Though Moon Base was well-protected with it’s unique triple-shield, it still made her feel uneasy. She nervously counted the remaining seconds as the transport neared Starfleet Sentral and was soon safely underneath again. She hurriedly made her way from the transport to a nearby lift that would take her to the office of Admiral Brad Komminsk, who was the Superior-Admiral of Starfleet. Normally, the Superior-Admiral did not conduct meetings or appear when there was a promotion as simple as a captaincy. Regardless, she knew whatever was up had to be important if Admiral Komminsk was involved.
The lift swiftly carried her to the upper levels of Starfleet Sentral and then stopped. As she exited the lift she realized it was a place not many were allowed to go for it was where the higher-ups of Starfleet kept their offices. As such, it was the first time that she could ever remember being here.
     As she passed the offices of Starfleet Council, she paused and gathered herself. A few feet away was Admiral Komminsk’s office. She took a deep breath and made her way to the office which she opened and entered. She mentioned who she was to the secretary who then nodded and led her to the door of Admiral Komminsk’s inner office. The secretary knocked and then opened the door. From his desk, Admiral Komminsk looked up and smiled as Danyelle entered the room. He was also not alone. There were a couple of others present as well.
     Admiral Komminsk stood up and offered his hand. “Commander Hawkins,” he said as she took his hand and shook it. “I’m glad you could make it.”
     He looked over at the others. “I’m sure you know Admiral Ramon Romero and this is Lieutenant Rodney Holdman, or Hot Rod as he likes to be known.”
     She glared at Hot Rod as she shook both their hands, though she was a bit rougher with Hot Rod’s than Ramon’s. “I’ve met the Lieutenant, “ she said.
     She had known him since the Academy. He was another of Aran’s friends, though in reality she hadn’t liked any of his friends, except for Paul. She guessed it went back to all the wisecracks he made in her presence.
     “Good,” Admiral Komminsk replied. “You both are here because of your past acquaintance with Aran Lirian. Since Admiral Romero knows the situation better, I’ll let him explain it.”
     “Thank you, Sir,” Ramon began. He looked at the both of them. “Princess Ashlynn Ascalon was recently kidnapped.”
     “What! By who?” Danyelle interrupted.
     “It is believed to have been the Centrattians, “ Ramon continued nonplussed. Our initial reports indicate Klaw may also be involved.”
     Danyelle’s eyes narrowed. “Shouldn’t you be getting someone else on this mission,” she said with a touch of bitterness. “He’s more of an expert on Klaw than either one of us.”
     Ramon looked at Danyelle and sighed. Though he admired her, he did not like her attitude at times, though he can understand where it was coming from. “That’s your mission,” he told her. “We need you to find him and bring him here.”
     “Any idea where he could be at?” Hot Rod asked.
     Admiral Komminsk shook his head. “Not exactly where,” he said. “We did contact Drabek Shipping. He was working security for them last we heard.”
     “It’s imperative that he comes back,” Ramon added. “There’s more to this than just the kidnapping.”
     “What do you me-” Danyelle began but Ramon held up his hand.
     “Not until he comes back,” he told her.
     Admiral Komminsk reached down and grabbed several file folders and handed them to both Danyelle and Hot Rod. He nodded to Ramon and then turned around and walked out two huge glass-plated doors onto a balcony that overlooked the rest of Moon Base. Ramon nodded and shunted both Danyelle and Hot Rod out the office door.
     “Remember,” he told them. “It’s the upmost importance that he comes back. It’s not going to be as easy assignment as you think and what we’re going to have to do will be tougher without him.”
     “Yes, Sir,” Danyelle told Ramon as both her and Hot Rod walked out the office door.
     When they were both had gone, Admiral Komminsk walked back in from the balcony and walked over to his mini bar that was situated in the far right corner of the office. He began pouring both a drink for Ramon and himself. Ramon took his graciously and drank it quickly, wiping his mouth as he finished.
     As he placed the glass back down on the bar, Admiral Komminsk spoke. “Do you think he’ll want to come back?”
     “No,” Ramon replied.


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