Thoughts for Tonight

Lots of things on my mind right now. First is how damn cold it is right now. Middle of April and I’m huddled over my desk, with a t-shirt on, a hoodie, sweatpants, and a heavy blanket draped around me and I’m still freaking cold! No way should it be this cold on the middle of April. In two weeks it’s going to be May. Un-freaking-real. he cold weather is from the storm Wednesday night that dropped a ton of rain, had winds that knocked over trees onto houses, dropped a ton of snow in the northern states. I mean, really? I know that it happens but come on. Geez. 

It’s been quite a hectic week or so. I had decided to become more sociable around twitter and my blog. It’s paid of. I gained nearly fifteen  followers on twitter in a matter of days. It may not seem a lot but it took me a year just to get to twenty. I now have forty-three. Some are from some people that follow Janelle Arthur on American Idol. It’s cool in a way. I think I made a friend from posting a bout the Cardinals games. She’s not following me but I hope she does. We’ve talked a bit on twitter and she’s really knowledgeable. I think I made one from the blogs, a fellow writer. She’s really good. Has a lot of good stories and poems. I know she’s probably going to read this, so Sophie, I’m giving your blog a shout out. Go to and read it. 

I’ve also been having a lot of strange dreams that aren’t nightmares but they make me wake up suddenly. One in particular is me seeing through the eyes of a soldier from WW1. I see a muddy trench, dead bodies around me. What I think to be German soldiers rushing no man’s land; there are machine guns ripping through the air, screams of agony, soldiers from both sides are falling a then a grenade goes off nearby and I wake up. I’ve also had one where the soldier is dancing with a young woman and it ends with a call that the soldiers have to leave for battle or something. I can’t remember all the details. They say anyone you dream about is someone you’ve met before but I don’t ever recall seeing this girl. She’s popped up in so many dreams. I can never see her face though or if I do I can’t remember it. I’ve heard her name but I can’t ever remember that also.

Anyway, that’a all I guess. It’s time for me to go. I still have to work on the novel.


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