Lemp Mansion

The Lemp Mansion is probably the most talked about and written about haunted homes in Missouri. This house has seen both great prosperity and great tragedy. It is believed that the location is haunted by several members of the Lemp family, a ghost dog, and possibly even the presence of an evil inhuman entity. There is a large array of reported activities including feelings of being watched, feelings of being followed, objects moving, lights turning off and on, kicking and pounding on the basement door, appliances behaving strangely, doors that lock and unlock on their own, cold spots, people being touched by unseen hands, sounds of barking, an apparition of elderly man has been seen in the dinning area, overwhelming feelings of sadness and of being unwelcome, etc.

History: Home was purchased in 1880’s by Lemp Family. The family became very wealthy through their brewery, but in the times of prohibition the lost everything. In 1919 Billy Lemp closed the brewery and sold off all the family’s property. Several members of the Lemp family committed suicide in the home. In 1904 William Lemp shot himself in the heart and in 1922 William Jr. committed suicide in the same way in the same room. Charles Lemp shot his dog then killed himself in the mansion basement. William Lemp’s daughter Elsa killed shot herself in a neighboring home. Other deaths in the home where that of a 28-year old son who died of illness, Mrs. Lemp reportedly died in a difficult way at 47 and there are rumors of a disfigured child that was kept locked in the attic that might have also died in the home. There are also stories that another family member may have been killed by an accident in the brewery.

After many years of being poorly cared for the Lemp Mansion was restored and now is a restaurant Bed & Breakfast.


3 thoughts on “Lemp Mansion”

    1. There’s been several reports from people who have stayed there, as well as people who’ve worked there as well. Some employees actually quit over it. Several “famous” paranormal investigators have like Ghost Hunters have been there.

  1. I am aware of the show Ghost Hunters however I don’t have television. If ever I venture to Missouri on my travels I will definitely visit Lemp Mansion…in fact I will add it to my ‘bucket list’. Thanks for following my blog! I will definitely be back to read more of your posts.

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