St. Louis Cardinals Game 13 – My Take

After a heartbreaking loss yesterday, I was hoping that the Cards could bounce back. I was hoping they could put it behind them. It was supposed to be a special day for baseball, being that it was Jackie Robinson Day and everybody was wearing number 42. Despite the horrific events that came out of Boston, the game went on.

Lance Lynn struggled with his control all evening and was only able to go five innings while throwing ninety-nine pitches. Luckily he was given a large lead. He gave the first earned by a starter in almost a week. He needs to pitch with more confidence but in his defense the ball was jumping a bit earlier in the evening. Joe Kelly pitched two great innings of relief but Mark¬†Rzepczynski struggled and gave up two runs in the eighth. Boggs had a shaky ninth but survived. The bullpen needs to get better, without a doubt. The starters can’t keep up pitching like they have been.

As for the hitting. Well they ran themselves out of a few runs but did score one in the first. Then they unloaded for seven runs in the second. Allen Craig just missed his first homer of the year but belting one of the centerfield wall.They did score two more runs in the third but couldn’t muster anymore. The bats went completely silent the last six innings. That too needs to change. This feast or famine offense is going to give me an ulcer by the end of the year.

Tomorrow Jonathan Sanchez pitches against Jake Westbrook. Hopefully Westbrook can keep up his good pitching.


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