A Few Days Off

I’m taking a little sabbatical this weekend to visit with family. I’ve pumped out a lot of posts recently and I need a few days to relax. Chapter Seven of “The Sword of Aranus” will resume next week as will the St. Louis Cardinals My Take and the All-Time Teams. The paranormal posts may continue as they’re already written.

My thoughts and prayers are going out, first to Boston. You guys have had a long, hard week. Hopefully it gets better for you. West Texas, the same to you, a lot of prayers being sent your way. That is just plain crazy what happened. For the flood victims in the midwest, I’m just at a loss for words. I lived in DeSoto and that’s just p[lain crazy. Stay safe.

For all who have visited my blog and liked my posts and for my new followers, Thank You So Much. I’ve really worked hard on this blog and all the likes and follows validate why I want to keep writing. You are all the best!

And to my favorite American Idol, Janelle Arthur; No way should you have went home this week. It should have been Amber. I am a fan of yours for life and I can’t wait till you have an album out because I’ll be sure to buy it.

Until next time….


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