St. Louis Cardinals Game 15 – My Take

The Cards were coming off a game where they got just one hit and the Phillies were coming off being swept by the Reds. Both teams had their aces going. Whenever Wainwright pitches I know the Cards have a chance to win if they can get the hits. It was a pretty good pitching duel until the Cards got a couple of gift runs and they were gifts. In the fourth inning, Holliday led off with a walk . Craig hit one in the gap, John Mayberry of the Phillies went over to catch it and fell hard on his keester. Yadi then hit a ball to right that according to the umpires hit the white chalk and was called fair. Charlie Manuel, the Phillies manager, argues to no avail but the replays clearly showed the ball was foul. I’m not complaining, I’ll take it. After the Phillies tied it up, the Cards took a 3-2 lead but the Phillies again tied it up. With one out in the eight, Beltran hit an opposite field home run to give the Cards a 4-3 lead.Mujica came in for a four out save and pulled it off, not without a little drama though. So Wainwright is now 3-1 on the season. Games like this give me ulcers. Anyway, the hitting is still not there but they’re close to breaking out. The bullpen is still a bit shaky. But they’re close too. 

Something I want to touch on. All these rumors about the Cards are going to make a trade that involves Oscar Tavaras. NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN.  There  is one for Jurickson Profar. No. David Price? Nope. Giancarlo Stanton? Intriguing , but no. Any trade that involves Tavaras, Waccha, or Rosenthal. No.

Next Game: Jaime Garcia goes against Roy Halladay.


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